Illusions used by Magicians and types of magic

Magic is the art of entertaining a group of people by performing illusions that serve to entertain, amaze and surprise by giving the audience an impression that something impossible has been achieved. Below are seven illusions that Sydney magicians use to entertain their audience.


This is where the magician produces something from nothing. An example is when a magician pulls a rabbit from an empty hat or fan of cards out of nowhere.


 A vanish is the reverse of production. The magician here will make something disappear into thin air like putting silk into his fist and then when he opens it, his hands reveal nothing.


Transformation is where Sydney magicians will change one thing into another or even into several others. A magician, for example, would place a dog in a cage and cover the cage with something like a cloth. He then immediately whisks the cloth away from the cage, and the dog has transformed into a cat.


In restoration, magicians in Sydney will put something back to the original state; it is like pieces of paper cut into tiny pieces would be rubbed together, and then they become whole again.


In teleportation, an object is usually transferred from one point to another. Something like a dog is suddenly made to disappear by the magician. The dog is then later found in some other box somewhere. Transposition is double teleportation that happens at the same time. Like when a magician locks himself in a cage and their assistant in another and then when the covers are removed from both cages, the result is the magician, and his assistant have magically exchanged places.


This is where a solid object passes through another solid object. An example is a spoon passing through a plate without altering the plate in any way.


These illusions involve the conjurer magically raising something into the air like floating a spoon in the air.

Magic performances in Sydney fall into three major categories

Platform magic

This is where the magician performs while standing and is seen by a lot of people at the same time.

Close up magic

It is the most popular type of magic as it is very intimate. This magician interacts with his audience and makes use of available items like coins. It involves the audience being in close proximity to the magician; possibly physical contact. It is a magic that you can touch and feel as it happens right before you.

Stage magic

Stage magic is usually performed in an auditorium for a large audience. It is known for use of elaborate large scale props. Check them out at

Magic is very entertaining to the audience. The magicians Sydney has, as already stated, make use of seven illusions to entertain, which include: production, vanishing, transformation, teleportation, levitation, penetration and restoration. Although there are other types of magic that Sydney magicians perform, the three main known are up close magic, which is the most popular, followed by stage magic and platform magic.

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